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What are main characteristics of the silicone injection machine?
Announcer:admin  Posted on:2017/12/21 11:49:31  Click Rate:1275

Mobile triplex balance vertical injection structure, more stable injection force, lower equipment level;Free hanging injection device, realizes the plunger automatic alignment and the cylinder, reducing wear and tear, only vertical rubber injection machine, adhering to the European machine design concept, using the advanced way of "first in first out" injection, and USES the development direction in rubber machine of cylinder type triplex balance injection, precision, stability, security, is the best choice of forming precision rubber products.

Best rubber injection injection oil cylinder fixed self-cleaning function, natural low back beam island tour promote large scale digital closed-loop control injection back pressure remote control function high efficiency low energy consumption of variable plunger pump to perform the European CE safety standard real-time print production data features special silicone rubber plasticizing, injection unit has the best exhaust, conveying, plasticization, and other functions of plasticizing screws completely open feeding device, in forecasting warning function, both hands high efficiency low energy consumption operation of hydraulic system, a senior international famous brand electrical and hydraulic components of Siemens control system

Main features:

1, LSR materials suitable for high temperature or low temperature environment, use in 40 ℃ to 200 ℃ or low to high -, insulating properties of materials, mechanical properties and physical properties remain unchanged.

2, gasification and aging resistance, therefore used in outdoor applications.

3, excellent insulation properties, suitable for high quality or high technical electronic plug.

4, can disinfect, suitable for medical supplies and baby products.

5, oil resistance, can be used in the oil industry.