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Liquid silicone injection machine use precautions need to be vigilant
Announcer:admin  Posted on:2017/12/21 11:21:05  Click Rate:722

Liquid silicone injection machine is to make the liquid silicone injection molding machine.As a kind of high value machine, deserve love, its use should be paid attention to the following:

1, before use, to prevent the accident in the process of production, use liquid silicone machine before, should first make some necessary inspection on injection machine.Check the electric control box is there water or oil into the inside, if the hair line electric appliance be affected with damp be affected with damp, don't turn on, should to electrical blow dry again after boot.

Before operation, check the power supply voltage is conform to the standard.Then check it urgent stop switch, is the front and the back of the door switch is normal, check the motor and oil pump in the direction of rotation is consistent.Before using liquid silicone injection molding machine, check the cooling pipe is unobstructed, and to the oil cooler and barrel end of the cooling jacket into the water.

2, used in: to use liquid silicone education staff strictly according to use standard machine, avoid the industrial accident caused by human or machine damage.

3, use after maintenance: in order to make the injection machine injection of qualified products of silicon and keep long life.Should be in the injection machine after use to maintenance.

First, after using the liquid silicone machine for injection, must pay attention to the liquid silicone injection machine to clean, it is very important.Because it is in use, liquid silica gel in the machine must have a lot of residual, if not the residual cleaning, it will affect the use of it next time.Inside of the residue will affect new silicone fluid, this is to pay attention to.

Second, in addition to this, this kind of injection machine is in use when you need to regularly check the injection head is good, if the injection head down, then it will be affected by a lot of injection process.So when using the need to ensure that the injection head, after the injection head used for a period of time to be replaced.

Third, as the equipment, it should be need lubrication part, so the staff to do a good job in lubrication equipment so as to ensure efficient work smoothly.