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What is the purpose and classification of silicone injection machine?
Announcer:admin  Posted on:2017/12/21 11:26:04  Click Rate:714

Injection molding machine can have a molding complex, the size is accurate or plastic with metal insert of fine and close texture, is widely used in national defense, electrical, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture and education of health and People's Daily life.Today with the rapid development of plastic industry, injection molding machine both in quantity and variety on occupies an important position, the total number of production, accounting for 20% - 30% of the whole plastic molding equipment, thus become the fastest growing in the plastic machinery, one of the largest number of models in production.According to relevant statistics, China's export in 1996-1998 injection molding machine 8383 units (sets), import injection molding machine 42959 units (sets), of which 1998 years China has reached 20000 sets of injection molding machine production, its sales accounted for 42.9% of machines in total sales.

China manufacturer of injection molding machine is more, according to incomplete statistics, which has 

more than 2000.The structure of injection molding machine has two kinds of vertical and horizontal.According to the produce of the products can be divided into regular and precise injection molding machine.